JF Air Traffic Management Services Inc. was founded in January 2018.

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Areas of Expertise:


41 years of Technical Operations, Engineering and Business Development within Air Traffic Management Services; Technology Management; Building & Managing Partnerships; Strategic Positioning; Client & Vendor Relationship Management.




With a strong record of success and excellent global relationships, John Fekkes provides Business Development services to Air Traffic Control / Airport Suppliers and Air Traffic Management consulting services to Air Navigation Service providers.


Summary of Career within NAV CANADA and Transport Canada:


John Fekkes, former Vice President Business Development NAVCANatm, retired in December 2017 after a successful 41 year career in NAV CANADA and Transport Canada.


John began his career working in both Engineering and Technical Operations. One of his early roles in Engineering was regional manager of the Radar Modernization Program (RAMP).  As Manager, Technical Operations (Toronto), John reorganized the maintenance specialty areas into ATM and CNS groups, which later became the national structure. John also implemented the Computerized Maintenance Management System which was adopted as the national MAXIMO system.


Shortly after the privatization of NAV CANADA, John was responsible for management and development of Air Traffic Management Flight Data Systems. After managing several Flight Data Engineering programs, John began to build the commercial technology sales program by advancing relationships with several Air Navigation Service Providers and Air Traffic Management Suppliers.


Since 2001, John continued to advance NAVCANatm technology sales and services for NAV CANADA’s customers and partners while working closely with the specialists in Engineering, Air Traffic Control Operations, Technical Operations, Contracting, Legal and Communications.

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